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We have been transforming homes with Plantation Shutters Colchester for years, and it isn’t just the aesthetic appeal they provide. They also have some incredible benefits that no other window dressing can match!

One of the most obvious benefits is privacy. They can be left partially open to let light in, but the lower louvres can be closed to keep prying eyes out. This is particularly important for properties on streets that are frequented by pedestrians and passers by. A popular option is a half height cafe style shutter, which keeps the privacy at the bottom of the window but leaves the upper panels free to let the light in. For added flexibility, a Tier on Tier system can be used which gives you control of the lower and upper panels independently of each other.

Enhance Your Décor: Plantation Shutters in Colchester

Another benefit is the ability to control light and heat. When closed, they can keep cold draughts out and stop the sun from transferring heat into your home – helping you save money on your energy bills. And when they are opened, the slats can be tilted to allow in as much or as little natural light as you wish.

Lastly, they are very easy to clean. No need for heavy-duty vacuum cleaners and chemical sprays, a simple dust off with a cloth will keep them looking sparkling new! They can also help to protect furniture and carpets from fading due to harsh sunlight.

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