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Brain development is a lifelong process but a child’s experiences from birth to age 8 are critical in shaping the architecture of the brain. This architecture establishes the foundation for future learning, behaviour and health. The brain develops billions of connections that are strengthened or weakened through interaction with others. This is why a child’s experiences and environment are so important from the start. More info

What is a children Programme?

Children who experience more positive interactions, whether at home or in child care, have better school and later life outcomes compared to children who don’t have such experiences. This is especially true for children living in poverty or who are exposed to violence and stress, lack of access to quality early learning, or are not getting the right nutrition and health care.

Learn how to support infant and toddler brain development by interpreting their emotions and giving them meaningful meaning. In addition, learn how to provide healthy and safe environments for these young learners.

Educators and community members who complete this module will gain an understanding of the basic processes that happen in a child’s brain as they are building relationships and establishing attachment with their caregivers. They will also understand the impact that these relationships and environments have on a child’s brain, behaviour and health.

The knowledge acquired in this module will help participants to better support early brain development, particularly in communities where children are at risk of experiencing toxic stress due to factors like poverty. This includes promoting the importance of high quality early learning and child care, fostering play and limiting screen time. In addition, it is important to promote collaboration among community resources (eg. health care clinics, prenatal programs, home visits, WIC) and to encourage consistent, community-wide messaging on brain development and parenting.

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