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Empathic Parenting Counseling Homepage on fostering emotional intelligence and an emotionally connected, trusting bond between parents and children. By being attuned to a child’s emotions and experiences, validating their feelings, and teaching them essential emotional skills, empathic parenting can help set a child up for success in life by establishing healthy attachments and setting a solid foundation of emotional wellbeing.

When Little Lungs Encounter Big Risks: Managing Toddler’s Vape Inhalation

Children that are empathic tend to be more sensitive to the emotions of others. They often feel the pain or joy that others are feeling, including their thoughts (sometimes) and intentions (good or bad). This can be a challenge when trying to interact with family members or friends who may not understand being an empath. It’s important to remind yourself and your child that they can experience a barrage of excess emotions. It’s also helpful to recognize that this is a normal part of their development and that it’s not necessarily your job to “fix” their emotional reactions.

Roots of Empathy is a non-profit organization that supports the emotional health of children in the community by providing parents with education on infant safety and parenting techniques. By educating parents in the cognitive aspect of empathy (perspective taking) and the affective aspect of empathy (emotional connection), we hope to help parents become more responsible citizens and provide their children with a strong, supportive model for parenting. The Roots of Empathy program is run by volunteers, many of whom are local families with young children. Each family commits to volunteering in the classroom with their baby at least once every three weeks for the entire school year. The classroom is filled with a variety of babies that reflect the cultural, racial and linguistic tone of the community.

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