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General Contractors

Whether you’re constructing a building or just re-modeling your kitchen, hiring the right General Contractor can save you time, money and headaches.

General contractors are responsible for the overall planning of a construction project. They often supervise the work of other contractors on site to ensure all the subcontractors are working correctly, on schedule and adhering to building codes and safety standards. They also manage the project’s budget and maintain communication between everyone involved in a project. Go here

How to become a General Contractor

To start a career as a general contractor, you’ll need to have the right credentials. First, it’s important to research the licensing requirements for your area. Licensing is generally handled at the state or city level, and it’s often necessary to have a valid business license to operate as a general contractor. You’ll also need to gather the required education and training to meet your specific skill set.

Many contractors will take continuing education courses to stay current with new technology, industry trends and best practices. It’s also essential to have experience in your specific trade and a solid network of other contractors to draw upon when needed.

While you’re gathering the necessary credentials to become a general contractor, it’s a good idea to start constructing a business plan. This will help you outline your goals, strategies and timelines for success. Once you’ve met the requirements in your jurisdiction, you can begin pursuing clients. Be wary of any unscrupulous contractors that try to lure homeowners with promises of a low price for their project.

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