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thc lolipop

A thc lolipop is exactly as it sounds, just like a hard candy on a stick. The difference is that it’s made with cannabis oil, which is absorbed by the mouth and metabolized into THC. It’s a great way to medicate when you can’t or don’t want to swallow pills or other edibles.

How to Make Weed Lollipops

A lollipop is simply two-thirds sugar and one-third water, heated until it becomes a syrup. Once the mixture cools a little, it’s time to add the cannabis tincture or extract and flavoring and mix.

How to Add CBD To Your Candy

The key to getting the most out of a lollipop is to add a good amount of cannabinoids (or extracts) to it. This can be done by adding the tincture, extract, or ground pollen to the liquid syrup and then mixing it up until it looks homogeneous.

A Sweet and High-ly Treat: The Benefits and Effects of THC Lollipops

If you’re making your own, it’s important to measure your cannabis correctly. You can use a scale or a kitchen scale to ensure you get the right dose of cannabis.

How to Choose a Cannabis Tincture for Your Weed Lollipops

The most common choice of tincture is a distillate, which is made from hemp and contains low levels of THC. However, if you’re looking for something with more potency, there are also sativa- and indica-focused tinctures available. These tinctures are more likely to have a more intense effect, and they’re best for those looking to take their cannabis more seriously.

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