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A african hunting lodge trip is a great way to see Africa and hunt a variety of plains game species. It can be a very memorable experience. You will be able to capture many amazing pictures and videos. Then you can share them with friends and family members. They will be amazed at the beauty of Africa and its exotic wildlife. The best way to plan your african hunting trip is by going through a reputable outfitter like Outdoors International. They will be able to assist you with everything from obtaining your hunting permits to booking accommodations. They will also be able to tell you about the best areas to hunt.

Into the Wild: Finding the Best Hunting Safari in Africa for Your Adventure

Another important thing to do is to purchase travel insurance. This will cover you in case you become ill or injured while in Africa. Companies like Global Rescue, Ripcord and Travel Guard offer evacuation policies that will evacuate you from the bush and get you to a hospital for treatment. They also offer repatriation of remains coverage.

You will also need to bring some essential equipment. For example, a mosquito net is a must for areas that carry Malaria. You should also bring a pair of comfortable and durable shoes to wear while hunting. Many African hunters prefer “vellies” or Courteney boots due to their strength and dead silent soles, but any hunting boot will work. You should also bring a power inverter and adaptors for the various electrical outlets that you may encounter on your safari.

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