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Located in the northern part of California’s Emerald Triangle, humboldt seed is home to some of the most advanced cannabis cultivators. The company produces award-winning strains as normal, feminized, and autoflowering seeds. They have a wide range of favorites including the legendary Hella Jelly and Blueberry Muffin. The company’s team of breeders, growers, and weed enthusiasts are dedicated to improving the industry. They use traditional breeding techniques with cutting-edge technology to produce a variety of genetically stable and consistent cannabis strains.

Why is it called seed?

The company’s diverse selection of marijuana strains will please any bud-loving gardener, whether they are looking for something light or potent. Choosing the right strain is a personal decision that depends on taste preferences, desired effects, and growing experience. Humboldt Seed Company’s website is easy to navigate and features a useful strain finder to help growers choose the perfect strain for their needs.

Customers can pay for their seeds with a credit or debit card. Those looking for a more discreet payment option can also use cash, Bitcoin, or a bank transfer. Humboldt Seed Company’s customer service is quick and reliable. They can help with anything from seed concerns to technical problems.

Customers can reach out to staff by phone or email. The company’s email address is listed at the top of their website. Those in the United States can call the number to talk to a live representative. Other countries can contact the company by email, but they may have to wait a few days to get a response.

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