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Whether you are leaving a job or returning to work, you need to carefully consider the severance pay that you receive. An unexpected layoff can have a negative impact on your financial security and mental well-being.

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Before you sign your severance agreement, you need to be aware of the legal rights you may have against your employer. You should never sign a severance agreement without first consulting an employment law attorney. Often, companies will add hidden clauses or insufficient benefits into severance packages. URL :

In addition, a severance pay package can hurt your ability to find a new job. The package may include a non-compete clause, which prevents you from working for a competitor of the company you were laid off from. You may also be restricted from reaching out to customers or hiring new employees from your former company.

You should also consider health insurance and outplacement services that your former employer might be able to provide you. An experienced severance attorney can help you negotiate the best payout after retirement.

A severance package can include monetary compensation, stocks, or profit sharing. If you are considering a severance package, you should ask around to find out more about what the average employee receives. You may be surprised to learn that a regular employee can receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in severance pay.

Severance pay is taxable as income, and you may need to pay Medicare and Social Security taxes. In addition, you may be pushed into a higher tax bracket due to the high amount of severance pay you receive.

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