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MYT Yoga Bali

The secluded mountains and pristine beaches of Bali make it a perfect place to deepen your yoga practice and expand your knowledge with an intensive YTT. With an array of nourishing activities, a spiritual atmosphere, and vibrant culture, you’ll find yourself fully immersed in your yoga journey. Find out

The 200-hour YTT with MYT Yoga Bali offers you an extensive curriculum covering the physical, energetic, and philosophical aspects of yoga. The school is known for its emphasis on correct body alignment based on Iyengar’s principles, and it also teaches students how to lead a safe and injury-free class.

Elevate Your Practice: MYT Yoga Bali’s Unique Offerings

This comprehensive teacher training is hosted by a renowned yogic community and certified by Yoga Alliance, ensuring that you’ll receive quality instruction. The course will cover the basics of yoga philosophy and anatomy, as well as more advanced concepts like asana sequencing, teaching methodology, and Yoga Sutras. The training will also include a weekend excursion and kirtan, making it an ideal choice for aspiring teachers who want to learn more about the history of yoga.

Founded by yogi Ourania and her husband Spyros, MYT Yoga is committed to creating high-quality Yoga Teachers. Their YTT program is designed to give you the tools needed to teach from the heart with compassion, kindness, contentment and truth. It incorporates the three pivotal tools of Yoga – Mantra, Yantra, and Tantra. Mantra is the repetition of a word or sound to calm the mind and bring focus and clarity to your life.

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