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Whether you want to boost your career prospects as a Full Stack Course in Chennai or just learn how to create basic websites, there’s a wide range of courses available online. These classes cover the underlying code that makes up a website as well as design principles that make sites attractive and functional. In some cases, they help students build their own portfolio site to share with prospective employers or clients. In others, they provide one-on-one career mentorship assistance. These courses can run the gamut from massive open online course (MOOC) programs like Coursera’s Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization, to shorter, more focused courses such as Noble Desktop’s Figma Bootcamp or Udemy’s Web Design for Beginners.

Is full stack need coding?

Many of these professional-level courses are offered through reputable institutions that have established processes and infrastructure to support live online learning. The American Graphics Institute, for example, offers a variety of introductory and advanced Web Design courses that feature instructor-led virtual classes with opportunities to ask questions.

In beginner Web Design courses, students learn the essentials of coding to place text and graphics into Web pages and control formatting. More advanced students use content management systems such as WordPress to add multiple pages and links, and can even incorporate e-commerce.

Private, one-on-one Web Design instruction is also available for students who want to take a slower, more methodical approach to developing their skills. Spectrum Creative Consulting, for example, offers a private Web Design class that allows beginners to focus on specific skill sets such as HTML and CSS fundamentals or creating mobile-friendly web designs.

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