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Functional Competency Definition

The compétence fonctionnelle définition gets thrown around a lot in the Talent Management world, particularly when talking about Performance Management, Learning and Development and Resource Management processes. It can also be a bit of a buzzword that has a wide range of divergent opinions on what it really means.

One of the biggest reasons why is that different departments have their own definitions of what competencies are. This can lead to confusion and miscommunications in the workplace, especially when discussing an issue like an employee’s performance. Having a common definition of what is considered to be a competency can help to reduce that confusion and create consistency across the various processes.

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The most common definition of a competency is based on the skills and abilities that professionals need to do their job. These can be technical or soft skills. For example, a sales executive would need to have knowledge of selling techniques. Similarly, medical professionals must have a number of technical skills including assessment, communication and knowledge of clinical outcomes.

A more holistic view of a competence is that it is a combination of an individual’s skills, abilities and traits that make them a good fit for a particular job. This is a view that is widely used in the recruitment industry.

In order to be successful, a competency framework should be based on the needs of the organization. It should be a collaborative process that includes key stakeholders from all areas of the business. This will ensure that the definitions are clear and understood by all and that any future changes are aligned with the current and desired state of the framework.

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